8/12/2020:  On behalf of GHSA Executive Director, Dr. Robin Hines:

After today’s meeting with the SMAC, the GHSA is providing this information to our member schools to provide an idea of the possibilities that exist for GHSA sports/activities.

  • Our plan as of today is to move forward with the September 4 date for opening football season as directed by the Board of Trustees.
  • However, it is possible that the start date of September 4 could change based on COVID-19 data.
  • As numbers dictate over the next two weeks, a decision will be forthcoming with regard to the football start date.
  • The GHSA staff has contingency plans to cover all start and restart scenarios.
  • Our goal continues to be to provide sports and activities for our students as soon as possible with safety being the top priority.
  • There is always a possibility of postponement based on the data and advice from our medical professionals.

Recommendations and restrictions are fluid and subject to change.  Safety must be our top priority.

Thanks for all you and your staff do for the student/athletes in the State of Georgia.


  • All fall sports are currently scheduled to continue based on guidance provided by GHSA. Those sports include: football, cheerleading, softball, volleyball, and cross country.
  • Seating capacity, transportation to and from games, and concession activity will be limited in compliance with state and local public health guidance.
  • Additional details for specific sports can be found through your coach and athletic director.
  • Decisions around fall sports are being made in compliance with guidance provided by GHSA. GHSA’s Coronavirus Guidance Plan can be found on GHSA’s website at GHSA.net or here.
  • Football: (Due to high risk and physical contact)
    – Continue to practice as outlined in previous guidance so athletes and staff will be in a controlled environment
    – First Football Game is September 4th, as previously voted on by the GHSA Board of Trustees on July 20, 2020
    – Eliminate preseason scrimmage game(s) but continue practice with players in the controlled environment
  • Cheerleading: (Due to high risk of indoor packed arena(s) which do not allow for social distancing)
    – Continue to practice as outlined in previous guidance so practice will be in a controlled environment
    – Adjust the competition season to align with the proposed new dates for Region and State Championship
    – Dates will be published when venue(s) are secured to best accommodate the needs of cheerleading
    – Tentative first date for competitions would be November 21, 2020
    – Tentative State Cheerleading Finals would be February 26-27, 2020
  • One Act Play: (Due to risk of indoor venues and aerosol spray from projection and singers)
    – Tentative move to spring semester, details will be forwarded when Tommy Whittle returns from vacation
  • ROTC and Marching band are currently the only extracurricular activities that are being approved to begin. The safety protocols will be aligned with the GHSA protocols that our fall sports programs follow.